Monday, June 14, 2010

UP girls become Gujaratis: Symbolic or Zionist mindset at work?

No, not Amitabh Bacchan or Sanjay Datt. These are three Muslim girls operating computers who all of a sudden became 'Brand Ambassadors of Gujarat' and found themselves to be symbol of ‘Muslim Prosperity’ in Gujarat. They appeared in the full page advertisements in Bihar dailies reportedly released by the Gujarat government ahead of Modi’s visit to the state. But in a sudden reversal of event, it was revealed that the girls do not represent the Muslims in the ‘Modi Land’ but they are from Shibli College, Azamgarh in Uttar Pradesh. Yes, the same Azamgarh that is regarded as ‘Atank-garh’ by the likes of people who are in power in Gujarat today.

It is a clear case of distortion of the facts if the website that claims ownership of one of the photos is to be believed. The Editor of the website claims, not only is the photo used in the advertisements far from representing Muslims in Gujarat, the statistics mentioned to justify the progress of Muslims in Gujarat are not current but are of 2001. The advertisement controversy is a major blow to Narendra Modi - who in an attempt to change his anti-Muslim image tried to project himself ‘Pro Muslims’ but landed in a controversy.

The entire ad controversy, reminds the famous broadcast made immediately after 9/11 terrorist attack on Twin Towers in New York. The broadcast was reportedly made by the ‘Pro-Zionist Media’ that showed Palestinians celebrating after the tragic event. It was only later that the world came to know the video was file footage of earlier date and had nothing to do with the terrorist attack. But, the advantage that the Zionists wanted to gain was accomplished and the propaganda that the Palestinians are TERRORISTS was well placed in the minds of the people already saddened and shocked by the attack. Later on it became easier to ignite the already palpitating anger against the Muslims world over.

Though unlike the Zionists, Narendra Modi could not succeed in achieving the goal he might have desired to, looking at the alleged misuse of the photograph and the video broadcast showing the celebrating Palestinians, it is not difficult to find the affinity between the two. This is perhaps to hide this affinity that BJP top brass is trying to brush aside the controversy by terming the use of photographs as ‘symbolic’ and a small incident of little importance.

However, the incident has once again exposed the fact that there exist in India the people who have the same Zionist ideology and follow the same mindset that is normally witnessed against the Palestinians. Though, this was never a mystery that those in power in Gujarat today are the front leaders of the strong lobby in India that takes pride in taking sides with the Zionists. They are in India not only their staunch supporters, but there are incidents to suggest that they try to emulate against the Muslims and other downtrodden people in India the inhuman Zionist tactics used against the Palestinians in their homeland.

The revelations of the slain ATS Chief Hemant Karkare showing how the Zionists were partners in the evil designs of Colonel Prohit and his team notwithstanding, the entire history of these people are full of such acts. The way they used the Godhra train accident to justify the genocide of Muslims in Gujarat is one recent example. Also, there are no dearth of people in the country who believe that the bomb blasts occurring with regular intervals in India had their roots in the same Zionist mindset – blast the bombs any where at will, put the blame on existent or non-existent organisations with Muslim sounding names, pave the way for arrest of educated Muslim youths and then corner the entire Muslim community. The tactic was used successfully for years till Hemant Karkare exposed it, though it was not the first time that their dirty game-plan was revealed to the general public.

It is here that the problem lies with these people. Even though they are exposed with regular intervals, they are neither ashamed of what they do nor are ready to change their mindset. Instead, they insist on changing forms to achieve their selfish goals. Don’t know when it would become evident to them that if they really want to change their image, they need to shun their Zionist mentality. Once they do this, they would not need any Brand Ambassador - FAKE or REAL - to demonstrate to the world what they are.


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