Sunday, June 6, 2010

Quality & Development at Stake with New RTE bylaws

The circular on Right to Education released by Education Department last month might have relieved parents, teachers, students, academicians and experts following increasing number of suicide cases among students. However, it will leave more ‘negative’ than ‘positive’ impression on students! According to this circular under section 16 of the RTE Act, no student of standard 1st to 8th can be failed, detained or even rusticated for any reason. This means that students are now free to do what they want and study as per their whims and fancies. Consequently, demeaning the quality of education and so the development of students who pass through a crucial age of learning. Though this decision might help decrease or reduce the number of suicide cases among students who fails every year and will definitely save their one important academic year. But certainly we are getting at the cost of quality and development of students. Secondly, today all that matters for teachers is marks and percentage.

The teaching method adopted by most of the schools urge students to score good marks and equip them with techniques to scoring good marks. Even parents insist their children on getting good marks or percentage. But does education means only numbers? The way teachers and parents are pressurizing students on scoring good marks makes clear that getting marks is more important than gaining knowledge. It is this extra pressure on scoring which is the only reason of increasing number of suicides among students. The only solution lies in changing the method of teaching and conducting seminars for parents regarding how to create hassle free environment for students so that they won’t take studies as burden because change is the only thing that has brought progress in this world.

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