Friday, June 4, 2010

Tight your lace … as this WED have loads of stuff to do

With this World Environment day coming at our doorstep, we need to make our minds to contribute in the betterment of our planet Earth. Amidst dwelling in the 21st century, where environmental issues are becoming our prime concerns, we are left with no choice but to redefine the values and principles that underlie our relationship with the Earth. Clearly, a new approach is required. The industrial civilization has brought about an abundance of goods and services to humankind, at the same time, this come with an obsession for materialism and a distortion of human values. Science and technology have played a critical role in the development of human history and will be one of the key determining factors in shaping a sustainable future. However, the impacts of technological development and their applications have also become so serious that they threaten the stability of the ecosystem and human society.

The planet Earth is the common home for all of us. We must all strive to share equitably the benefits and burdens resulting from the use of the environment. All members of human society are responsible for maintaining the integrity of the environment as a Whole-Life-System. Individual efforts can be enhanced through building networks within and among all levels of civil society and government, industry and business, and non-governmental organizations (NGOs). Education, especially at an early age, has a significant effect on how people form attitudes toward the environment, and is thus crucial. Educational programmes designed to enhance awareness of environmental issues and ethics must be developed and applied at all levels of society through all available and practical means. Lets pledge on this Environment Day that we cultivate a lifestyle that accepts and is consistent with sufficiency rather than greed and excess.

Bearing in mind that Earth's resources are limited, each person must avoid a culture of extravagant material consumption and pursue ways to preserve the planet by improving consumption patterns. A good time to start would be now! We can make. You being a responsible citizen certainly feel concerned about the environment, then can think of trying the following things while we have World Environment Day 2010 and make a difference:

Live Green

Want to put more “green” in your life by saving money and reducing waste? Here is practical information about environmentally friendly food, drink, fashions, cars and cleaning products, to name a few. Make eco-friendly lifestyle choices and buying decisions that will help sustain the environment rather than deplete it.

Reduce Global Warming

Reducing global warming may seem like a daunting task, but if each of us makes a commitment to taking steps now, we can make a difference. For example, if every family in the United States replaced one regular light bulb with a compact fluorescent, 90 billion pounds of greenhouse gases would be eliminated. Look here for more steps, big and small, that will help to reduce global warming.

Conserve Energy

One way to do your part to protect the environment is to make choices every day that enable you to use less energy.

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