Friday, January 8, 2010

Where is Amitab heading to ?

Where is Amitab heading to?

Amitab Bachan’s recent visit to Gujrat and praising the state CM is both surprising and dismaying, especially, for the clan of people to which he hails from. One can understand his interest in doing such act, since his movie ‘Pa’ is still on the board and he is putting his best to make it alive and fresh at the box office. And, in order to do this, he has to go to such an extent, this sounds really disturbing for his huge fan that moons over him the world over. Perhaps, this could be a start of a real bad end for a man of his stature, who had ruled the film industry since couple of decades and still admired for his exemplary performances in countless of movies. Or may be, he is a perplexed person at the moment, especially to the fact that his ‘Bade Bhaiyya’ (Amar Singh) sounds lingering nowhere in the political domain. After the breakup of the SP and Congress, the Samajwadi Party seemed to be cosying up to the BJP. Jaya Bachchan is also an MP from the SP. Does the Big B's new found friendship with Modi mean that a political realignment is in the offing or does it mean that the Bachchans too may be moving away from the SP just as Amar Singh did on Wednesday.

So is it a confused move of his of applauding a person like Modi, or is it a kind of ‘tasting the water’ theory, which he has adopted in order to see the mood of his fans and followers, or which road to eventually opt for is undecided. Probably, his mood at the moment sounds, trying to tread paths contrary to his conventional nature and zest for which he is known for. The ways or methods, which were never seen when he became the part of the movies like Khakhi or Dev, wherein the character he played showcased a man who stood for justice and peace, regardless to the kind of threat lurking in his life. The movies which mirrored incidences occurred at that time, he had played the character of a spokesperson of marginalized people denied the justice and dignity. Now when we see him becoming an brand ambassador of Gujrat & a marketing man for it’s tourist places also shaking hands and sharing dinner with people like Modi (who is virtually a farce creator with a hoax called vibrant Gujrat), is nothing but a road towards disaster. “What happened sir ?, why this sudden change, or is it mere an effort to make more money from your movie Pa ? and that too from a place which is a dry zone for Aamir Khan, since his 3 idiots has got the unprecedented response. But hang on! his movie is doing good there too. Moreover, movies like ‘Paa’ is nothing but a good effort to unveil certain rarest of rare disease which do exits in our society, just like how we find salt in any dish, so I presume, rather going for U/A grade, it must have a different class, wherein people with background like Medicine and psychology should go and watch and understand this unique disease and its implications in the society. I am still a worried man, since, I see him denying the Honorary Doctorate awarded by the Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane, Australia, as Indian were attacked there in Australia, but the same Amitab Bachan, goes all the way to Gujrat, meet and appreciates people like Modi, who hands are still dip in blood of more than 2000 Muslims killed in Gujrat Genocide, who’s scares on millions of people still remain deep. I mean, what’s happening, I really fail to understand this dual nature of this person.

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  1. AB's decision has probably disheartned all his Muslim fans the world over and may have embrassed his secular and non-violent fans as well. Let's not forget what's at stake here? Let's not loose the focus from the real issue which is bringing Modi to justice. When that happens it will be people like AB who would refuse to lend him any support. Power, wealth, fame and politics are unfortunately interwined but fortunately are also of flicker nature. What's th point of investigating psychological profile of AB on why he did what he did? The problem of individual worhip in India blinds the common man and he is forced to hide behind the facade of loyalty. Why can't we judge AB on his acting abilities which has made him an icon and refrain from making him sit of a high moral pedestal.