Monday, January 4, 2010

Few words as we begin....

Dear friends

Media which happens to be our fourth pillar of democracy, has somehow, superseded the other three pillars. Off late, we could discover whole lot of Media houses have mushroomed in the business of News. Earlier, journalism was more of missionary work, and it had played its role in mobilizing the masses, as we can find its conduct during our freedom struggle in the late 1030’s & 40’s. However, over these decades, the media industry has taken a paradigm shift, there’s nothing called mission of vision, its purely commerce and the interest of the capitalists and their associates.
As we enter into our second decade, we could see media being exploited for tarnishing and vilifying the images of the down trodden and the marginalized communities, both in India and overseas. We could see things happening to foster certain racist elements, who are nothing but to secure power for their own interest and Media unfortunately, has become the part of this phenomenon.
So this blog,, is an endeavor to unveil and uncover such trends in the society and let people know that issues, events, incidences which keep occurring in our society does not comply to the face of it, but are happening as per the whims and fancies of the so called gods of today – the Racists or fascist – the capitalists elements, who are somehow hatching conspiracies for their own benefit. Thus, we need to have the media awareness to see the News beyond and beneath, and understand the rot mindsets of the people sitting in the Media domain.
Kindly feel free to air your views and feedback for our development.

Thanking you

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