Wednesday, February 10, 2010

IPL fiasco

In one voice the rich and wealthy IPL franchise owners pleaded ignorance to the well-orchestrated and pre-planned move to keep the Pakistanis out. However, a claim of having a consensus of not bidding the Pakistani players according to Mallya is nothing but plain rubbish which he remarked through a pair of astonishingly bad shades. And one franchise owner went beyond bizarre, proclaiming there was "cricketing logic" in the decisions made. Parnell over Umar Gul? Roach over Aamer? Martyn over Umar Akmal? If there was indeed "cricketing" logic in the decisions, one could wonder why cricketers like Ganguly or Kumble weren't allowed to offer it? Words such as 'conspiracy' and 'insult' wouldn't be used. The lure of a piece of the IPL cake would dissuade Pakistani players from saying what they are saying now. And there would be no need for Lalit Modi to appear on prime-time television and claim "he knew nothing about this". While the fact of the matter is, here not a pencil sharpener changes places in the corridors of the IPL unless Modi approve it! And finally, Modi screeched "Availability, of Pakistani was the issue" however, what are Pakistani players doing? Nothing at all. Their players are available for all six weeks and can certainly play T20 cricket. So it was the presumption that they might become "unavailable" that led to this decision. And since the team owners are pumping in the money, they have every right to put it where the investment returns. If they choose not to risk it, that's fine too. All we ask is that instead of skirting the issue and hiding behind shallow words, they let us know. What's that line about honesty being the best policy?

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